February 26, 2016

09u00-10u00: Registration and welcome with coffee/tea

10u00-10u05: Welcome by Catherine de Zegher (Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent)

10u05-10u15: Introduction by Marjan Sterckx (Professor of Art History, Ghent University)

10u15-11u00: Keynote presentation ‘Rodin: Paris, Bruxelles, Londres’ by Antoinette Le Normand-Romain (INHA, Paris)

11u00-11u10: Questions and debate

11u10-11u30: Coffee/tea break

11u30-13u00: Itineraries (Session chair: Marjan Sterckx, Ghent University)

11u30-11u50: Henri de Triqueti between England and Prussia by Desiree de Chair (University of Warwick)

11u50-12u10: Peace and the Art of Diplomacy: Antonio Canova and Neoclassical Sculpture in Britain after Waterloo by Elyse Nelson (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)

12u10-12u30: “Rome is far from Arizona”: Interpretive questions on American sculptors’ itineraries and their representations of Native Americans raised by American art criticism at the turn of the century in response to European artistic influences by Agathe Cabau (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

12u30-13u00: Questions and debate

13u00-14u00: Sandwich lunch

14u00-15u50: Nationalities (Session chair: Tom Verschaffel, Leuven University)

14u00-14u20: Embodying Mobility in Andrew O’Connor’s Oeuvre: From Commodore John Barry to The Arrival by Clarisse Fava-Piz (University of Pittsburgh)

14u20-14u40: In search of a national (s)cul(p)ture, International mobility and national identity by Jana Wijnsouw (Ghent University)

14u40-15u00: The right man in the right place”: foreign sculptors at work in the Netherlands by Frédérique Brinkerink (Sculpture Institute, Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen)

15u00-15u20: Mobility and Sculptural Practice in Italy by Martina Droth (Yale Center for British Art)

15u20-15u50: Questions and debate

15u50-16u10: Coffee/tea break

16u10-16u55: Keynote presentation ‘Constantin Meunier and Carl Jacobsen: Building a Contemporary Sculpture Collection at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek’ by Sura Levine (Hampshire College, Amherst, MA)

16u55-17u05: Questions and debate

17u05-18u00: Visit to the MSK sculpture collection, introduction by Cathérine Verleysen (Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent)

February 27, 2016

08u30-09u00: Welcome

09u00-09u45: Keynote presentation ‘“Une intacte véracité”, réflexions sur la sculpture ethnographique belge au 19e siècle’ by Bruno Fornari (Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent)

09u45-09u55: Questions and debate

09u55-10u15: Coffee/tea break

10u15-12u05: Careers (Session chair: Sura Levine, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA)

10u15-10u35: Constantin Meunier. Les succès tardifs, un parcours européen by Francisca Vandepitte (Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Bruxelles)

10u35-10u55: Julieta de França, a deceptive career path between Paris and Brazil by Coralie de Souza Vernay (École du Louvre)

10u55-11u15: Le prince Troubetzkoy dans l’Europe de la sculpture by Nicolas Laurent (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre)

11u15-11u35: An Italian sculptor-émigré in Paris: the case of Medardo Rosso by Sharon Hecker (Independent scholar)

11u35-12u05: Questions and debate

12u05-12u45: Sandwich lunch

12u45-15u15: Practices (Session chair: Linda Van Santvoort, Ghent University)

12u45-13u05: Forging abroad in the nineteenth century by Lynn Catterson (Columbia University)

13u05-13u25: The international peregrinations of the 1889 bronze Vase created by French sculptor Jean-René Ringel d’Illzach and cast by the Compagnie des Bronzes de Bruxelles by Anne-Lise Desmas (J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles)

13u25-13u45: Sculptez malin, Sculptez italien. Préjugés et protectionnismes autour des sculpteurs et mouleurs italiens en France au XIX° siècle by Barbara Musetti (École du Louvre/Université Paris 1)

13u45-14u15: Questions and debate

14u15-14u45: Coffee/tea break

14u45-15u30: Keynote presentation ‘Moving marble – Anglo-Italian sculptural exchanges’ by Alison Yarrington (Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK)

15u30-15u40: Questions and debate

15u40-15u50: Closing remarks by Tom Verschaffel

Organizing committee: Marjan Sterckx (Ghent University), Linda Van Santvoort (Ghent University), Cathérine Verleysen (Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent), Tom Verschaffel (University of Leuven), and Jana Wijnsouw (Ghent University).
Scientific committee: Saskia de Bodt (University of Utrecht and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Bruno Fornari (Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium), Mayken Jonkman (Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD)), Sura Levine (Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA), Inga Rossi-Schrimpf (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels), Marjan Sterckx (Ghent University, Belgium), Francisca Vandepitte (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels), Linda Van Santvoort (Ghent University, Belgium), Cathérine Verleysen (Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium), Tom Verschaffel (University of Leuven, Belgium), and Alison Yarrington (Loughborough University, UK).